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Having been referred by my former chiropractor, I was pleased to learn personally of the dedication to the profession here. I find Dr. Susan not only to be excellent as my doctor, but also thoughtful, enthusiastic and generous of spirit. She is a kind professional soul. I always will be grateful for association. Thank you.

It's my opinion, without Dr. Susan's help I would have to have a complete hip replacement by now. I'd been to a physician and received Motrin as it wasn't bad enough in his opinion. I've been completely in sync since seeing Susan and no more pain or replacement. Her cranials are the best as well—so much help for grief.

Dr. Susan is the Best! My overall health, attitude and general well being has improved dramatically since being under Dr. Susan's care. The peaceful, calming office environment is always enjoyable too!

Dr. Susan has done a great job of keeping my allergies in check. I can come in wheezing and leave breathing clearly. Over the years she has worked on injuries and we now are on a maintenance program to keep us Dancing!!

I have been most impressed with Dr. Susan's ability to treat the whole person. She helps me in so many ways: sleep, nutrition and back issues. My teenage sons love the care she gives them also. Basketball and Baseball can take a toll even on young, healthy people.

I was referred to Dr. Salem by a good friend in 2000. Eleven years later, I am a dedicated patient who looks forward to my monthly physical and "mental" adjustments. Dr. Susan has helped me through many obstacles and I find her very competent and understanding.

I always feel comfortable and enjoy coming into the office. The atmosphere is an extension of Dr. Susan's healing abilities. Her touch is never harsh and yet she gets results right away. I would highly recommend her.

Dr. Susan Salem is a chiropractor who is a healer and she heals from the heart, compassion and skill. I have been a client of Dr. Susan's for over 10 years and love her work and her being.

Dr. Susan is an extremely skilled chiropractic professional who approaches her patients and practice with a unique and extraordinary commitment to their health and well being. She took care of me during a difficult recovery from a bicycle accident and I continue to see her for ongoing preventative care.

I had never been to a chiropractor before I met Dr. Salem in 1999 as we were both training for a marathon for the Leukemia Foundation. I had been diagnosed with fibromyalgia in 1993. Dr. Salem and I often walked together and it wasn't until I was in a lot of pain that she told me she was a chiropractor. Never going to a chiropractor before, I really didn't want to have my bones "cracked." But after being in so much pain and going to my doctor and physical therapy, I finally called Dr. Salem and made an appointment. My life truly changed the day of that appointment. My left hip hurt so bad for over 3 months even after doctor visits and physical therapist appointments. I walked out of Dr. Salem's office that day with no pain in that hip. Dr. Salem is so very gentle in her touch and she truly has a gift of healing. I continued to see Dr. Salem for my fibromyalgia and I can only say that her "gift" gave me back my life. I still have fibromyalgia but the pain is minimal compared to 9 years ago. I have referred many of my friends to Dr. Salem and they in turn were as impressed and happy as I was with Dr. Salem and her gentle but effective treatments. I would highly recommend anyone who needs pain relief and has had not good results to call Dr. Salem for a consultation. I can assure you that you will be impressed.

Dr. Salem and Jeanna are more than chiropractic care providers to me; they have become friends.

In July 2006, I was in a traumatic bicycling accident which resulted in my jaw breaking in 3 places and losing my 4 front teeth. While my husband and I had been seeing Dr. Salem prior to that, my visits became more frequent after the accident. Dr. Salem has been, and continues to be, attentive to all aspects of my healing during my recovery process, which was overwhelming at times with the number of doctors I was seeing.

Among my visits to my primary care physician, physical therapist, occupational therapist, dentist, orthodontist, prosthodontist, 2 maxillofacial surgeons, and chiropractor, seeing Dr. Salem has always been an appointment I look forward to. She has not only helped me with my physical healing, but she is intuitively cognizant of helping me process what's going on mentally and emotionally as well.

I sought out Dr. Salem as a health-care provider, but I feel like I've made a friend.

I was referred to Dr. Susan Salem in 2001. I suffered from vertigo and chronic lower back discomfort. Today my vertigo does not have control over me; chiropractic care has been the key for me. Dr. Salem has a deep understanding of chiropractic care and overall wellness, she never ceases to amaze me. I don't know what I'd do without her, her passion and compassion is beyond words.

My deepest and sincere thanks,

I was on crutches at my first appointment with Dr. Salem, a measure of desperation on my part, my regular doctor unable to relieve my debilitating back pain with medication or physical therapy. By the end of only my second visit, I walked out unassisted and ditched the crutches and painkillers for good.

Dr. Salem has such an intuitive sense of pinpointing the cause of your discomfort and communicates that in such a friendly, understandable way. She's been with me through a leukemia diagnosis and recently got me through training for my first Ironman Triathlon, a grueling long-distance endurance race. My energy and well-being has spiked, I just feel so much better, more ready to tackle Life.

Going from crutches to Ironman, there's a reason why my family and I rave about Dr. Salem and Diablo Chiropractic every chance we get.

I can't say enough about Dr. Susan Salem! Not only is she an excellent chiropractor, but she is a quality person. I have been working with Susan for many years and not once have I felt rushed in her care. She is a true listener and knows what to do in all situations, including treating my 4 month old infant for reflux and colic. I have referred many people to Dr. Salem and consider her a "healer"! The friendly and welcoming atmosphere in the office created by Susan and her assistant, Jeanna, is wonderful and makes each visit a treat! I have utmost confidence in Dr. Salem and recommend Diablo Chiropractic with full trust and enthusiasm!!!!!!!!


I credit Dr. Susan and her craniosacral therapy for eliminating the vertigo and dizzy spells I was experiencing with Meniere's Disease. I continue with regular maintenance visits and appreciate Dr. Susan's knowledge of other aspects of alternative medicine. Jeanna's friendliness makes each visit enjoyable. Many thanks.

I was in a car accident in September 2008. I went to Dr. Salem with both neck and back discomfort. Throughout my treatment, Dr. Salem has been one of the most professional, responsive and compassionate health care givers I have ever experienced. At the start of my treatment, she took the most complete history, and had x-rays taken. This helped me feel confident she was working with my whole system and life patterns. I appreciated the alternative medical solutions Dr. Salem is familiar with and liked learning the options that were available to me. Her treatment plan varied as my body responded. Her meticulous notes during each session were very helpful in keeping track of what specific methods were most effective for me. I loved her flexibility and feel it is crucial that she knows how important it is to treat individuals in completely different ways; that are sensitive, gentle but effective. I feel much better now and have incorporated changes into my daily routine that help to maintain my back and neck.

In addition, I enjoyed going to the office; Jeanna the receptionist is lovely and extremely welcoming.

All in all, I would recommend the office wholeheartedly.

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